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March 31, 2023

Are We In Decline?

It is with a heavy heart that I write this report about my beautiful adopted country and regrettably have to speak of its gradual decline. The truth is that every day I am witnessing the shenanigans coming out of Washington and from our high-level officials that lend credence to my feelings.  For example:

  • Why are we abandoning self-control and leaving our way of life decisions under the auspices of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and ESG (Environment, Social, Government) ideology? Did we just let go of our cherished “American Exceptionalism”, free market, self-reliance, and American can-do attitude and let outside governments dictate our future well-being?  Is this the way we want to be governed?
  • Why do we no longer hear what is good for America and the American people, but instead focused on what we can do for others?  Why do we allow millions to pour into our country, providing food, education, medical and legal support all at taxpayers’ expense, while we burden our citizens with high gas prices, inflation, and taxes? Would someone please tell me why is this a good policy?
  • Why do we no longer trust our judicial system and allow rogue prosecutors and corrupt officials to selectively exercise a dual system of justice for political and personal gains? Why is it that DOJ took no action on the riots of 2020 when it caused 2 billion dollars in damage, 150 officers’ injuries, and 19 killings, while it is imprisoning God-fearing American people in solitary confinement for demonstrating their constitutional rights?  Does the phrase “No one is above the law” mean anything anymore?
  • Why have we allowed this convoluted “woke” ideology of so-called DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) to permeate into every aspect of our lives from our education systems to financial institutions, corporations, and government bureaucracies? Have we forgotten that this country lost over 600,000 brave soles to abolish slavery? And sadly our institutions are ever increasingly relying on the “color of skin” contrary to Doctor Martin Luther King’s message of the “content of character”. And in the process, merit, integrity, and competencies are replaced with mediocrity, dishonesty, and sex/race placing officials in highly responsible positions, who are not fit for the job. Is this really diversity or an ideology determined on dividing us?
  • Why are we so bent on relying upon foreign governments for our energy, critical medical, science, and technology needs when we have every opportunity and resource to be self-sufficient? Does this make any sense to place our national security at risk?
  • Why are we becoming so timid that our adversaries no longer fear us by invading other countries, threatening to annex other areas, and inciting unrest against us, while we are hesitant about shooting down some foreign balloons invading our sovereign air space?

I can go on and on, but by now you will see my despair and why I think our country is in decline.  We cannot allow this to proceed any further sacrificing our constitutional rights in favor of the dystopian nightmare of failed socialism/communism and nonsense “woke” ideologies.  With the upcoming election in 2024, we need to be smart and elect true American patriots, who would preserve our constitutional rights and stand for American values first.  We need to elect patriots who put personal gains and party affiliations aside and work to make life better for all and for our future generation.

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that even with its flaws and shortcomings, America is still the best country in the world and I rather live nowhere but in the great State of Texas.

Mo Saiidi, Chair
Gillespie County Republican Party

January 16, 2022

2021 Wrap & Hall Of Shame

What happened in 2021, is everything we feared about.  During the year, I wrote several commentaries in the local paper addressing all ranges of issues from unity, Iran, Inflation & higher gas prices, to the fiasco in Afghanistan and southern Border not to mention COVID misinformation.  There are just too many issues that this administration has been unfit to handle.  So, I decided instead of rehashing these (See all the commentaries on the bottom), I’ll summarize the “Hall of Shame” players and allow you to read my year’s report on your time:

  1. Biden & Biden Players – What could be said that is not the subject of a book or books. Here is a man who frankly has lost his mental ability to make rational and independent decisions, thus allowing his staff to run their agenda through him.  He is the supreme liar and with over 40 years of experience at it, it just comes very naturally with him and without any hesitation.  From his message of unity at his inauguration to COVID mask mandate, or driving trucks across the USA, and being arrested in South Africa, to being at Southern border, to not believing in COVID vaccine and vaccine mandate, to blaming everyone else but himself, to the outrageous cowardly act of calling Afghanistan withdrawal a success, to inflation/high prices, on and on.   This guy in his prime time was rejected twice as a presidential candidate and now in his senile years happens to be our president – May God save this nation. He allows millions of illegal immigrants to pour into the country without due process costing Americans billions of dollars in hope of gaining votes for his party.  He allowed his radical left to burn our cities and freed those arrested to do it again for the purpose of ruining the Trump legacy.  He wants to break the filibuster, pack the court, federalize election, and change the entire American culture moving it towards socialism, even though that would certainly destroy our way of life.  Shame on all of you cowards, inept and self-serving people.
  1. Hillary Clinton & DNC – Shame on you Hillary and DNC for concocting and paying for the “Russian Hoax” griping the nation for two years with lies and deceptions. The shame extends to the surrogates like FBI/Comey & McCabe, and intelligence community of Brennen and Culpeper for perpetuating this misery on the American people and against a duly elected President, and all those 4-star generals who lied under oath and resorted to character assassination of the President in Media day in and out and circumventing the commander in chief.  You folks should be prosecuted and face punishments.
  1. Adam Schiff – Shame on you for lying to us in our face in front of TV and media about Russian Hoax trying to adamantly convince us that you had solid evidence about Trump. Shame on you for taking party politics above American interest.  Shame on you for deceiving the American people and not doing the job for which you were elected.
  1. Nancy Pelosi – Shame on you for so childishly and arrogantly tearing the President’s State of Union Address in front of the Nation. What an act of stupidity causing further erosion in our government and creating yet another act into divisiveness we have today.  Shame on you for not reacting and trying to stop the 2021 burning/looting riots dismissing it nonchalantly as “, people do what they do….” Shame on you for colluding with conspirators for Jan 6 Capitol riot and not requesting capitol police and national guards to stop it, when it was offered to you in advance.  You knew what you were doing-shame…shame
  1. Maxine Waters & Kamala Harris, and the Squad – Shame on all of you for inciting violence and preaching to the radical left to take to the street, confront the conservative republicans at any place, harass, burn, loot, and show no regrets or apology to the American people. Shame on all of you for being so hypocrites not standing up for the good of the country and Americans. You don’t deserve to be where you are seemingly representing Americans.
  1. Republican Representatives & Senators who sided with Dems in forcing a nonsensical impeachment on the President. Shame on you for falling to temptations to see your interest and not being smart enough to see through the hoax.  You sold out your constituencies for your personal gain – shame on all of you – You all need to be replaced

Congratulations to all the trophy winners – you have earned it.  We will not give up the fight until all of you are kicked out of politics and replaced with good God-loving conservative patriots to bring this nation back to its greatness.

Mo Saiidi
Chair – Gillespie County Republican Party

July 27, 2021

What a Fiasco in Just Six Months

The Biden administration has practically removed itself from doing people’s business.  They have hidden their heads in the sand and answer to no one with a “don’t care attitude”.  Mr. Biden’s limited mental capacity and Ms. Harris’s lack of know-how have created this toxic divisive environment pulling us further apart.  God save this country – When I see a Dem float during the 4th of July parade without a single U.S. flag, it tears me apart wondering what to expect in the future:

  • The southern border is a crisis and Mr. Biden has walked away from its responsibility period. Neither he nor his vice president is serious about this most egregious violation of our sovereignty, the human suffering, destruction of properties, and cost to our citizens.  The Biden admin is pursuing a resettlement project in hope of changing the redistricting map, census results, and voting block in favor of his party – it is that simple! So let the illegals in and damned be the rest of it. And if they haven’t figured out the “root cause” for the past 40 years that Mr. Biden has been in Congress, then they won’t figure it out now.  The fact of the matter is that they know what they are doing – After all, the end justifies the means!
  • There is no honesty from this administration to reach out to the opposition party on any bill coming out of Congress. They provide for a good press showing calling for bi-partisan agreement, but when it comes to the real deal, they walk away from it.  COVID relief and infrastructure bills are two examples when Republicans and Dems agreed but Mr. Biden walked away shortly afterward and Pelosi and Schumer are pressing ahead for what they want to do, even if that means doing away with the filibuster or passing through the reconciliation process.  The 60-70 million people who are represented by the Republican party mean nothing to them.  They know they are at risk for losing seats in the upcoming election, so open up the treasury purse and pay everyone with massive payout plans and trillion-dollar projects.
  • COVID misinformation is an everyday occurrence leaving citizens to ponder who and what to believe. We have heard that masks are no good, to wearing one mask and then two or three masks.  Then it was that vaccines developed under Trump are not reliable and would not take it (Biden & Harris) to now forcing everyone to take it (even if that means door to door) and yes you may need to have booster shots.  Then comes CDC telling us Children should not need a vaccine and then Fauci says it would be needed and must wear masks also.  Frankly, this admin and Fauci have lost credibility on this issue and have lost the confidence of the people. We have no clear answers from the highly paid public servants-what a joke.
  • Election integrity is not what this admin wants. What this administration wants is a federalization of our election system. So they lie flatly to our faces every day by invoking a nebulous “voter suppression”.  They never talk about what is in the bill because if they did, it would expose their lies.  So, why do this? it is because they want to remove state responsibilities and federalize the election process so the central government could control the outcome, even though it is unconstitutional.  This along with an open border strategy for millions of illegals is the plan to place Dems in charge for a long time.
  • Now comes another set of hypocrisies and lies in the realm of domestic and foreign diplomacies. No standing on China for Wuhan COVID escape even though all arrows point to them.  Lies and deceits about “game of function” at CDC even though the evidence suggest otherwise.  No standing to Iran even though they continue to enrich uranium contrary to the defunct previous agreement.  No standing to COVID with illegals, even though they press our citizens for it. No sound policy regarding immigration but waiting to find out the “root cause” even though the previous administration made it work– it is not rocket science folks.  No mention of Hunter Biden’s past money-making schemes with foreign nations and now his latest money-making scheme with paintings.  If the plan serves the Dems, then it is ok, close your eyes and walk away – The double justice is served.
  • Print baby print – This administration knows only one thing. If you have no plan for how to fix problems, then pour money into them.  That seems to be the prescription for all our problems regardless of pending higher inflation and taxes.  We have already seen this in higher fuel costs, groceries, and building supplies.  But rest assured, they did not raise your taxes – well don’t despair, it is coming – it is just a matter of time.  Otherwise, how could they pay for trillions of dollars spending that we don’t have?  We used to say, “drill baby drill” to create jobs, they now have taken the mantra to be “print baby print” to bankrupt our country.  What an incompetent government we have!
  • January 6 commission – so ok I get it, we need to know what happened during the January 6, 2021 capitol break-in. But wait a minute, then why is Pelosi picking and choosing whom she wants on the commission if she is genuinely looking for truth? Well, the answer may be that she is not – she wants another charade to formulate a response right before the 2022 mid-term election in order not to lose her grip.  It is just another conspiracy scheme just like the Russian hoax, Ukrainian phone call, etc.  But wait a minute, we want to know how much FBI was involved, who and why an innocent person was shot, why didn’t Pelosi call the security and secure the congress when she was notified, and why are numbers of so-called protestors are held in jail without charges, and what was the reason behind barricading the capitol and fencing it, on and on.  If Pelosi and the Democrats are truly concerned about finding out facts, then why not commission on hunter Biden laptop,   Biden’s quid-pro-quo with Ukraine, and the cabals’ lies from Schiff, Clapper, Comey, and Brennan against American people, and why not Kamala Harris bailing out rioters and Maxine Waters insurrections call, and what about rioters gone free after burning/looting and killing of innocent folks.  Is this a fair justice or a justice made for Dems’ policies?   It is all a joke orchestrated to sway voters in mid-term elections, and the American people are becoming sick of it.

Dear Republicans, we are at a crossroads at this time in our nation’s history.  The forces of socialism are working to undermine our way of life.  The rule of law and constitution is stepped aside in favor of mob rule and anarchy.  Individual freedom and free-market enterprise is being squashed in favor of collectivism and so-called “equity”.  Everyone is the same and the big brother will take care of you by providing free stuff.  Except for the elite who continue life as before with plenty to make and spend in a life of comfort and luxury.  We see this in Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea where ordinary people are suffering but the ruling class and elites are just fine richer than ever.

The examples provided above are some of the schemes that this government is pursuing to reach that state of nirvana theory of “socialism”.  These peppered with the constant bombardment of critical race theory, oppressors and oppressions, guilt-ridden teachings, and white supremacy are all now tied together to achieve the goal.  U.S. history, its sacrifices, its tremendous achievements in racial equality, science, medicine, and its two world war fights to free the world are all ignored.   They are ignored because they don’t fit the narrative.  There is no answer to America losing 600,000 brave souls to abolish slavery. There is no answer to electing a black president twice and placing black jurists in the highest court on land.  There is no answer to millions of blacks, Hispanics, and other immigrants who made the American dream of becoming millionaires-billionaires and developing multi-million dollar corporations and businesses,  there is no answer for all of those who became rich in sports, entertainment, movies, academia, politics, etc.    No, they don’t want to talk about achievements, because they lose the argument.  Instead, they give us this nonsense racism and shove that guilt factor into our brain and our children’s brain in hope of remolding this nation into something that they have no answer for – can’t wait for the 2022 and 2024 elections to kick these idiots out-Amen!

Mo Saiidi
Chair – Gillespie County Republican Party

May 1, 2021

Spend and Lie

Mr. Biden took office promising unity and transparency.  Instead, he has sown the seeds of divisions and racial tensions across our country determined on changing our constitutional system of government in favor of his socialist agenda. Read More

April 28, 2021

The Absurdity of Iran Renegotiations

This administration is conducting some foreign policies that are simply stupid and not in the interest of the American people.  They are driven either because of deep hatred for Trump, or personal interest and relationship in the countries. One prime example of this absurdity is reentering into the so-called Iran Nuclear Deal. Read More