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April 28, 2021

The Absurdity of Iran Renegotiations

This administration is conducting some foreign policies that are simply stupid and not in the interest of the American people.  They are driven either because of deep hatred for Trump, or personal interest and relationship in the countries. One prime example of this absurdity is reentering into the so-called Iran Nuclear Deal.

First to understand this scenario is to examine the past policy under Obama.

Mr. Obama conducted this agreement under the auspices of the United Nation resolution because he did not have the vote to pass it in Congress.  As such, it was an executive agreement by a President, not a binding contractual legislation.  For that matter, Iran also did not pass this agreement through their Parliament, because like Mr. Obama, they could not get majority hardliners to pass it.  So, this agreement is nothing more than a handshake by two heads of state.

Mr. Trump, after taking office, canceled that agreement, by executive order and implemented severe sanctions against Iran. The cancellation of the Iran nuclear deal was one step towards the goal of forcing countries in the region towards a peace agreement with Israel.  Toward that goal, Mr. Trump’s administration removed Iran economically to not be a viable sponsor of regional terrorism.  Subsequent to that, he then stopped millions of dollars of aid payments to Palestinians, and other regional countries that received these free funds annually and never cared to enter into a peace negotiation. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump’s special envoy along with State Department Officials conducted behind the scenes diplomatic negotiations for peace agreements.  This effort, eventually, resulted in three peace agreements between the Arab States and Israel, which earned Mr. Trump to be nominated for Noble Peace Prize.  There is no doubt that if Mr. Trump was in office, the domino effect would have brought major influential Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia into the peace process with Israel, and that would have cemented a potentially lasting peace in the region.

Did media and opposition acknowledge this historical achievement or such a genius diplomatic approach – of course not because if they did, it would project their abject failure in all those years when they were in charge?   Now that they are in charge with Mr. Biden, they are bent on dismantling this overall process by opening talks with Iran, spending millions again (Palestinian receiving their handouts once again), and going back to the old ineffective ways. So, let’s reward our enemies for bad behavior so they are enabled to pour into the street shouting “Death To America” and fire up missiles at our installations and ships. What a shortsighted stupid policy!

Mr. Biden does not have a sound coherent policy for the region.  If he were smart, he would look at what worked in the last administration and follow the path for lasting peace.  He is pressured by Russia and China to negotiate with Iran.  This push helps solidify Russia and China’s hold on the Middle East and in the process lifts the sanctions that Iran desperately needs to revive its economy.  What does the U.S.A get out of this? Nothing good is expected for the U.S. except a warm fuzzy feeling that Mr. Biden would look presidential in the international scene. It is no wonder that the Ex secretary of State Mr. Robert Gates under the Obama/Biden Administration, had stated that Mr. Biden had never been right about a single foreign policy for the last 40 years.  And there is no doubt that this time, he will screw it up once again in Iran and other places like China, Russia, North Korea, Syria, Iraq, and so on.

Iran has never stopped calling us their enemy, continues to violate the terms of the last agreement, and never demonstrated their willingness to offer a good-will measure toward the U.S. So, why should we be in a hurry to deal with a bunch of rogue ignorant Ayatollahs who want nothing but to destroy us?  Instead, we need to maintain the sanctions and support the freedom-loving people of Iran who sacrifice every day to have a decent free society.  The regime’s leaders are not to be trusted period and there is no reason for us to pay Iran any attention at this time.

Mo Saiidi, Chair
Gillespie County Republican Party

April 27, 2021

First 100 days

Mr. Biden and his minions have been working hard pushing for socialist agendas domestically and a weak nonsensical foreign policy. Despite his inauguration speech calling for “Unity”, his actions have created more “Division” and racial tensions in our world.  And that is the biggest achievement of this administration: Dividing us further apart.  Great job, Mr. President.

  • Canceled border wall construction, forced protection for DACA, and invited all immigrants to an open border. Immigrants wearing Biden tee shirts poured into the southern border reacting to his call for “surge” and free healthcare.  After outrage by people, he then backed off waffling “come but not now”.  However, the cat was out of the bag and they kept coming. Once it got out of control, he released them entry into the country with COVID positive, with free housing, food, health, education, and pocket money, and he won’t acknowledge that we have a “Crisis”.  What a disaster he created.  His VP who was assigned the border task is nowhere to be seen – she is practically MIA on the subject.  This administration is hiding its head in the sand; answering to no one, hoping the problem will go away.  The immigration issue has been gripping our nation for the last 40-50 years and now he is sending his VP to one country (Guatemala) to learn the root cause of the problem?  What a farce, even if you wanted to learn this, wouldn’t you first stop the bleeding (close the border) until you learn what your course of action would be?  The truth is that this Administration and Dem party want to have illegals pour into our country to capture their votes and secure Dem political dominance for a long time. Unconstitutional HR-1 if passed, will do just that by not requiring voter ID, but continue to lie about constitutional states’ election laws as “Jim Crow” since they require voter ID.  Another way is to pack the court, and grant statehood to DC and Puerto Rico to secure favorite court outcome and keep the senate majority by adding 4 Dem senators. Damn be the miserable inhumane situation you create across the border, rise in crimes, cost override, enabling human trafficking, and unconstitutionality of your actions. And if that wasn’t enough, go ahead revoke the citizenship requirement from the census and allow the census to be taken of all regardless of immigration so you can tilt the voting demographic blocks towards the Dem party.  Meanwhile, continue to remain muted on your party’s decision to maintain a warlike DC with barbwire and military guards denying citizens direct access to their capital – Now you get the picture?
  • Canceled new energy production and dropped the U.S. from being energy independent – Told miner to perform software coding instead. What bone-headed strategy to force us to rely upon foreign sources of energy at the cost of losing thousands of hard-working American jobs by canceling the Keystone pipeline and yet speaking of creating 20 million jobs – simply not credible.
  • Reentered into Paris Climate control while his green tsar flies around the globe in fuel-burning jets. We will end up paying millions for the other countries polluting the environment. Mr. Biden’s own green tsar, Mr. Kerry, admits that 90% of the polluters are outside the U.S. and even if we go down to zero carbon emission, we don’t make any dent in the world. So, why is he doing this: It is to make him look good on the world stage, pay millions of dollars to his cronies, hold hands, and sing kumbaya.  It is a wonderful world of Disney he lives in.
  • Suspended “Mexico City Policy” which prevented spending federal tax dollars to perform an abortion, while he claims he is Catholic. Allowed men to participate in women sports destroying not only women sports but dividing the American Families along with family values and religious lines
  • Revoked “Buy American, Hire American” policy that placed America first by Mr. Trump. Now, it is water-downed language to make every effort to buy American– what is wrong with wanting American goods and products unless you have sold your soul to foreign countries like China
  • Introducing massive expensive bills that will undoubtedly cause higher taxes and higher prices. Packed $1.9T COVID relief bill with ~90% givebacks to failed blue states and lie about it being COVID relief/stimulus act.  Packed $2-3T infrastructure bill with billions for caregiving and employment leave and childcare, chip making, broadband, batteries, climate change, etc. but when criticized, he shamefully redefined those terms to be infrastructure.  Is there any principle that this administration would not do to enhance its own self-interest?
  • His weak and lack of coherent foreign policy is lending itself to Russia’s excursion into Ukraine, China into Taiwan, and North Korea threatening its neighbors. Our adversaries have noted weakness in Mr. Biden and they will seize the opportunity to extend their sphere of influence.  If this seems familiar, it is by looking back at Obama/Biden Administration.  Russian took over Crimea and portions of Georgia, China seized the disputed South China Sea Islands, N. Korea kept firing missiles, and Iran moved into Iraq and Syria with its terrorist cronies.  All of this was going on under Mr. Biden’s watch, while his President was making apology tours around the world.  We have seen this movie before and it is unfolding before our eyes once again because Biden just like Obama is a weak President that is not taken seriously by our adversaries period.  As stated by Mr. Robert Gate, the former Secretary of State under Obama/Biden, Mr. Biden has been wrong about every foreign policy in the last 40 years.  And this time, he will undoubtedly screw it up again
  • Sided with unions to keep schools closed even though CDC stated they were safe, however, let unions teach illegal children. Well why not, since the teacher’s union poured millions into his campaign – It is time for paybacks even though it is stupid and detrimental to our children’s health and education?

Congratulation Mr. President on your well-deserved 4 Pinocchio award.  Your continuous lies and misinformation to the American people are sowing the seeds of division and hatred amongst us.  You have made us more divided than ever before – what a sick joke on “unity”?  We have watched your first scripted press conference reading from prepared notes with pictures to make sure you don’t have gaffs and missteps.  Your policy is to continue to be invisible answering to no one hoping for problems to go away, forgotten, or until a piece of Dem legislation falls on your desk for your rubber stamp approval. Who is REALLY in charge?

The American people will remember and we will see to it in the 2022 election to put a stop to these shenanigans.

Mo Saiidi, Chair
Gillespie County Republican Party

April 12, 2021

Absurdity of It All!

It is becoming more evident every day that this administration’s actions are driven by two factors:  hatred for Trump, and Race/Gender.  They make no bones about circumventing the constitution and take a deaf ear to people’s point of view.  They march on hiding their heads in the sand answering no one.

  • Biden’s statement regarding the Constitution (No Amendment is Absolute) should frighten all of us regardless of party affiliation. This indicates that this administration is willing to do whatever it takes to implement its radical left policies. His HR-1 (people election integrity) is unconstitutional as the States have responsibility for that and not the federal government.   This would surely be followed with his court-packing, DC statehood, and then Porto Rico statehood all in the interest of Dem’s power grab. No debate, no discussion, and certainly no opposition because if you raise your opinion, you are labeled “racist”.  In fact, everything this administration is doing is based on raising the “Race” card:  Election reform, infrastructure, border control, healthcare, vaccination, schools, Police, guns, on and on – it is sickening.  If this nation is so racist, then why in world people are risking their lives to get here?
  • Biden and his administration are bet on changing and destroying the American way of life. His staff is picked based on the color of skin and Gender identity rather than qualifications.  They push for cancer culture, gender modification, race theory education, and rewrite American history with a convoluted 1619 narrative.  They have no compunction about it and so obnoxiously push it into our faces.  Frankly, I am not sure even if he is coherent enough to know what he signs or reads and one wonders who runs the country?
  • Biden’s Executive order to set up a commission to study and make recommendations on improving the Supreme Court is purely intended to pack the court. This is just an excuse and a political gimmickry to hide that objective for 6 months. Supreme Court justices Breyer and Ginsburg were against such changes and now they are calling for their favorite liberal justice Breyer to step down. No one is immune from this wrath.
  • Biden’s executive order on gun control is simply a joke and does nothing to address the real issue of gun violence by criminals, and enforcing the existing laws. Instead, his objective is to squeeze the law-abiding citizens of their constitutional rights.  So, he resorts to these nonsensical executive orders while pandering to your liberal-left supporters who want to defund the police.
  • Biden and his minions repeatedly lie about Georgia Election Integrity legislation and liken it to “Jim Crow” or simply calling it racist. They know it is not true, but they continue misleading the American people in the hope of circumventing the State’s election integrity laws in favor of the unconstitutional HR-1 bill. Georgia is not alone and we see the same tactics used in Texas and other States. And shame on MBL and these corporations (Delta Airline, American Airline, Dell and coke, etc.) who have not read a line of the Georgia or Texas election integrity resolutions and raise once again the race card.  Why is it that one has to have an ID to enter airlines, but it is racist for voting?  We are entering an American era where 2 plus 2 is now 5 and if one says otherwise, he/she is, you guessed it, RACIST!
  • Ignore the constitution and opposition views. The proposed HR-1 (Election) is unconstitutional because the Constitution rests election with the States and not Federal Government. The $1.9T package (stimulus) sold as COVID Care Act is loaded with pork for the blue States. The $2-3T infrastructure bill is partially affecting the true infrastructure projects. In reality, it is loaded with payments for childcare, employment leave, and caregiving. For God’s sake don’t insult our intelligence by lying to us, and then try to redefine the meaning of “infrastructure”.
  • Biden seems to have an insatiable thirst for spending without much regard for how to pay for them. Open up the treasury purse for blue States paybacks, non-Infrastructure projects, universal minimum income, student loan forgiveness, free healthcare and housing for illegals, Grants across the globe to Palestinians, Paris Accord, and South/Central America.  Shut down our gas and oil production – we don’t need to be energy-independent. Increase the cost of living on everyone, and make us feels good that no taxes were increased? Who cares if we bankrupt this country as long as they bring the votes to the Party?  Does anyone care about the American people?
  • Meanwhile, let’s ignore our crisis at our southern border costing us billions of dollars with no sound policy. Who cares how much it cost and how we pay for it. The Southern Border is a crisis that Mr. Biden created, but shamefully once again he is resorting to lies by blaming Trump for it. What’s your plan Mr. President and where is your Vice President that presumably, you assigned to lead this.  If you don’t go to bed at night leaving your doors unlocked, then why would you leave the border open? And while you keep the country’s door open to foreigners, you have closed the doors on American Citizens at the Capital with razor barb wires, gates, and military personnel – It is simply shameful
  • Biden’s fervent desire to enter into negotiations with Iran makes no sense at all. He wants to restore the flawed past agreement and we must ask why?  Mr. Biden’s approach is so naïve and ill-conceived that Iran would eventually get the sanctions removed, may accept some water down agreements, and go back to business as usual.  You, on the other hand, pat yourself on the back that you got a “Nuclear” agreement back on track at risk of escalating regional tensions, terrorism, and a game of cat and mouse to continuously watch and report how Iran violates the terms of the agreement – what a waste!
  • Biden’s weak foreign policy will eventually allow China to have full control over Hon Kong, seize Taiwan, and secure the South China Sea Islands. China is also entered into a contract agreement with Iran for 25 years to build and maintain military infrastructure on it southern golf coast.  Russia is massing military personnel and equipment across from Ukraine and plans to destabilize that country to shift it in favor of Russia.  No doubt that North Korea will restart its nuclear program in earnest and begin firing missiles towards Japan and South Korea.  Do all of this sound familiar with what we saw with the Obama administration when Russia took on Georgia, Crimea moved into the Middle East, and China build the south china sea islands and moved its military there in defiance of International oppositions, while he was making his apology tour around the globe!  The belligerent rogue regimes know your weakness and seize the opportunity to advance their interest.

I don’t believe this is what the American People expected of this administration.  The lies and fabrications have replaced the cries for “unity and transparency” they promised.  I am concerned about our beautiful America and I am afraid that we are going down the path of decline burdening next generations with massive debt and higher living expenses.  I cannot wait for the 2022 mid-term election to throw these charlatans out of office, and bring some sanity into our policies.

Mo Saiidi, Chair
Gillespie County Republican Party

January 8, 2021

The events of January 6th, 2021, and subsequent commentaries from our elected representatives and media, have found me awfully disappointed, dismayed, and outraged to my core.  I am outraged not just because of what happened on that day but more importantly as how the double standards and hypocrisies are perpetrated upon the American people.  I am outraged due to the manner by which the states’ election laws were circumvented to favor one party and what transpired post-election.

First the election – I truly believe the presidential election was stolen and I stand by that until there is a full investigation to disprove me.  I am saying this because in every aspect of the election I have looked, it simply does not add up – IT DOES NOT PASS THE SMELL TEST?  First look at the significant accomplishments by Mr. Trump in three years.  This is something that American people have never taken lightly and have always rewarded the presidents for the second term. Mr. Trump placed the American interest first on the list and that guiding principle resulted in Tax/deregulation reforms, VA reform, energy independence, Trade agreements, four major middle east peace treaties, strongest military, creation of space force, immigration reform, and completion of 450 miles of a southern border wall.  It placed Russia, Chine, North Korea, and Iran on notice not to mess with the U.S.A and forced NATO to pay their fair share for their defense.  He made it clear to the outside world that America will no longer be taken to cleaners.  Contrast that set of accomplishments with Mr. Biden’s 50-year service in Congress and eight-year in the Obama Administration, you will see there is no comparison. And what did Obama/Biden Administration accomplished were two disastrous policies: Healthcare and the Iran nuclear deal and we all know how that turned out.  Then came the outpouring of public enthusiasm for Trump throughout the campaign.  Thousands and thousands of crowd showed up in the rallies filling stadiums and streets, Trump Train rallies across the cities, Trucker for Trump rallies on highways, and incredible donations and fundraising from ordinary people are all testimonials to unvarnished support for him.  Mr. Biden on the other hand hid in the basement, occasionally showing up for few minutes and leaving us with gaffs and confusion.  If he drew a dozen vehicles in empty parking lots or a crowd of hundred at best, it would have been a successful campaign by their standards.  People had no interest in Mr. Biden period.  We never grasped his policies and platforms and he never explained how he would govern.  The DNC primaries and convention were completely devoid of energy, as dull as watching paint dry.  How could this ticket muster any vote with such a miserable campaign?  There is only one answer and in Mr. Biden’s own words it was the largest “ FRAUD organization created….”  Even Nancy Pelosi in one short press conference before the election stated something like “…. that no matter what happens on November 3rd, we will swear in Mr. Biden as the President on January 20th…”  Did she and Mr. Biden know something in advance that we didn’t? The fix was in and Mr. Biden need not do much but just ride it out with minimum exposure. The Dems sinister strategy with mega-dollar support from billionaires and High Tech social companies along with daily/nightly media misinformation filled with complete hatred peppered by celebrities and sports personalities created a toxic environment to get rid of Trump at any cost by any means.  And then it came after circumventing states constitutional election laws and under the disguise of COVID, the battleground states elections were filled with mail-in ballots, giving rise to Biden’s votes where it would not have been possible.  And once those fraudulent ballots dropped in the ballot boxes, all traces of evidence to the voters were lost.  Despite many written testimonials from whistleblowers, videos showing tampering with ballots, removing poll watchers from the sites, bringing suitcases of ballots after hours, and finding discarded ballots with Trump’s name in ditches and rivers, the courts decided not to hear the lawsuits – why?  No court, no judge, and no supreme court wanted to touch that turd because they were afraid of its outcome. So they hid behind procedural gimmickry to reject the lawsuits rather than hearing it – What a dereliction of duty and what a disservice to the American people.  And now with the new administration, we may never know the real truth behind what happened in this election.  So, I am left to rely upon my gut-feel common sense along with 75 million supporters of Mr. Trump that tells me it was a rigged period.  To accept the legitimacy of the Biden win is to accept every common sense understanding one has about the election.   To accept Mr. Biden’s win is to accept the lowest campaign turn out, reject gaffs and mental lapses, and accept the complete lack of clarity of the policies and programs of the new administration.  There were enough concerns and issues raised that would have warranted hearings if not anything but to restore the people’s confidence in our election integrity. Now, you know why I am outraged!

Second, in the event of post-January 6th DC riots.  Mr. Trump and his supporters have always preached law and order and it was the GOP’s campaign message of “Back The Blue” that galvanized its core support.  This was as a result of a direct lack of response from Dems when the BLM and Antifa rioters burned our cities.  The Law-abiding citizens don’t wear helmets, carry backpacks and ropes to a peaceful demonstration, climbing walls, and breaking windows storming capitol building.  I see a lot of similarities between this rioting and the rioting that burned our cities in the summer. I hope we will get to the bottom of this sad day.  Now, that the Dems have carried the majority in the House, Senate and hold the executive branch, what do they do?  They take every action to break us apart and divide us further rather than trying to bring us together.  Their message is calling for impeachment, resignations, censorship directed not just at Mr. Trump but also on any GOP official who supported him and had an opposite view of the election.  This is nothing short of a socialist way of consolidating power in one party system denying individual freedom guaranteed under our constitution.

While the Dem president-elect speaks of “unity” now, his party has been sowing the seeds of dissension and division for four years.  They never accepted Trump as president and never respected the people who voted for him:

  • The moment it became evident that Trump won the election in 2016, there was a concerted well-organized, and funded effort to get rid of him by any means. They called him illegitimate, an agent of Russia, a traitor, a sexual predator, and his supporters as “deplorable”, tugs, homophobic, and racists.  Many of the GOP reps never supported him, which added fuel to Dems’ fire for getting rid of him.  Now, they speak of unity and want us to come together for the good of the country? The unity they speak is capitulations in the context of agreeing to what they offer.  They are not interested in us– they are interested only and only in what benefits their party. Shut up and comply is the message we hear.
  • When the speaker of the house tore the state of the union address on camera in front of millions, it lit the fuse of dissension amongst the American people, not unity. It showed an utter disregard of millions of American and the office of presidency-shameful
  • When the Dems lied to us for two years, which led to a $40m investigation, and yielded nothing, they weren’t asking for unity. And when we found out that DNC and Hillary campaign paid and colluded with the Russian and British agents for the fake salacious dossier against the dully-elected president, they were certainly not interested in Unity.  Did anyone face any reprimand or investigation?
  • When we found out that the upper echelon of the last administration was in cahoots with the FBI and DOJ and various other intelligence organization, to sabotage the president by invoking the Logan act, 25th amendment, spies, and possible wiretapping the President conversations, was that all in the name of unity and the good of the country?
  • When our cities were burned, businesses destroyed and looted, federal buildings were torched and parts of cities were taken over as “Autonomous zones” and innocent people and police officers were killed, did they condemned those actions? Of course not because it was  “Summer of Love”, and “peaceful protest”. The speaker of the house, when asked, shrugged her shoulder and commented “…that people do what they want to do….” was that all in the name of unity? And worst when Ms. Kamala Harris endorsed the riots and looting in an interview telling us that it “will not stop and should not stop neither shall we” and Pelosi called the police officers “ Nazi storm troopers?  Why wasn’t anyone asking for resignation and impeachment?
  • When they allowed anarchists and agitators to storm into the senate hearing and harassing the lawmakers at the congress hallways and elevators, they didn’t call it a breach – of course not because they were invited to riot and harass to serve their interest not yours, mine or the country.
  • When lies and fabrications were made against a true American public servant nominated for The Supreme Court, it was all done due to deep-rooted hatred for Mr. Trump. It was ironic that no one objected to the man’s qualification or the fact that he had faced FBI investigation every time he held a court position as a judge.  So why was he accepted to serve the lower courts, but not qualified to sit at the Supreme Court – All hypocrisy self-serving?
  • When senior members of congress break the law but adamantly ask us to follow, are they proposing equality under the law –of course not? They sure can go to restaurants, celebrate birthdays, have their hair done, and withhold crucial evidence from senate hearing, while asking businesses to shut down and all of us to self-isolate?  Now you say, we need to come together and this is not “who we are” – I am about to throw up
  • When Mr. Biden’s egregious quid-pro-quo was clearly in front of us on video, did they react to it – of course not, but instead they engaged in a frivolous investigation of the President for an innocent phone call. Double standards I say?
  • When we found out that over 30,000 official state department emails destroyed by Ms. Clinton, and the Hunter Biden computer found with damaging evidence on China-Ukraine corruption with the Biden family, did the establishment react for the good of the country? Of course not, because they are above the law.
  • When they called us racist and promoted this nonsense idea that we are a nation of racists and need to atone for our “whiteness” was that in the spirit of unity? When over 600,000 American people died to free slavery and restore our constitution, was that white racism that we need to atone?
  • When they send (as Maxine Waters openly lectured them to do) the tugs to attack and intimidate decent law-abiding citizens who wore MAGA hat because they told us it was a symbol of racism, were we supposed to come together now? Why didn’t anyone ask for Ms. Waters’ resignation for inciting riots?
  • When the newly elected president Biden/Harris ticket, brings the race into the DC riot, was that just ignorance or a shrewd strategy of cementing their race base ideology? It certainly was not done to bring the country together and unite us. And when Mr. Biden speaks of unity his speaker of the house calls for invoking the 25th amendment and impeachment of the president with few days remaining in his term of office – how in the world is that bringing us to unity?
  • And let’s not forget the media bombarding us days and nights for four years with their uncorroborated and fabricated false news, trashing the president and his followers. They are as guilty as Dems creating this division amongst us weakening our nation and destroying the way of life we so cherish.  They don’t deserve our respect

My fellow Republicans, I can go on and on but it is evident that those who now speak of unity are the ones who have been creating and inciting this division amongst us. What a bunch of hypocrites’ shameful irresponsible Dems, who placed self-interest and party above the country and American people. A single party bent on preserving power, by all means, will drive the country down the path of mediocrity, destroying our constitutional rights and heritage.  It is a tyrannical government when everything is decided based on collectivisms, race, and one’s pigmentation of skin or genitalia.  You don’t believe me, look around and see the caliber of people in our government institutions and these are folks who will decide long-lasting legislations to affect our lives.  These are folks who are ignorant enough to think that the word at the end of each prayer “Amen” is gender-driven, or think that real coyotes bring illegal immigrants across the border, or think we only had 10 years to live if we didn’t do something about earth.  Look at our elementary education system, which scores one of the lowest in the world, and our higher education system infiltrated by liberals who are rewriting the history and legacy of this country and censures any freedom of speech on its campuses.  Instead, we are told to teach sexual education to toddlers, bring trans-sexual (in their full costumes) to read to our children, allow our youngsters to make a decision if they want to be recognized as male or female, and forcing us to change our natural speaking terms (he/she/father/mother/brother/sister/etc. to parents, kids and siblings), atoning for our past, kneeling to our national flag, pressuring our colleges and professional sports to change and remove statues, mascots, songs, flags, all and all because we are told we are inherently racist.  Isn’t it funny that we were not racist when we elected the first black president twice? These are folks who are not qualified to legislate so they spend an enormous amount of energy on frivolous anti-culture philosophy that does nothing.  They don’t have any clue or skill in solving our pressing issues like healthcare, immigration, jobs, economy, foreign policy, infrastructures, and homelessness.  They are recipients of false and misguided education and trashy reporting they have been given over and over.  There is no doubt that we are an empire in decline!

Finally, say what you want about Trump. I continue to believe in his message of “America First” and “Make America Great Again”.  There is no shame in wanting the best for our country and we should all strive to do so.  He had a big heart for the working class, minorities, and middle class in this country that galvanized 75 million of us together.  He detested the Washington corruption and self-serving elites who talk much and deliver nothing year after year.  We should continue to remember the events, the collusions, the coup, and corruptions of these folks who find themselves above the law while preaching to us that no one is above the law.  These are the folks who have hatred in this hearts, are spiteful and want revenge for the sake of their party power grab, and don’t really care much about ordinary people particularly those who oppose them.  They are a threat to our freedom, constitution, and our system of government.  They plan to wipe the history and heritage of this country, rewrite the manuscript, and in the process remold it to their socialist policies.  This is what frightens me about our future and the future of our country. Unless these officials, regardless of party affiliation, are made to be accountable for their deeds, the double standard and corruption will continue as they become beholden to no one but the highest bidders.  Through it all, we will gradually see our beloved country fall into despair and breakdown. This is the nightmare that frightens me and I pray to God that I am wrong?

Mo Saiidi, Chair
Gillespie County Republican Party