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The Trumpet

September  2022


UPDATE:  Law Enforcement Luncheon this Wednesday, September 21 at 1601 E Main, from 11-1.

My fellow Republicans,
Times are growing more difficult and even harder to make sense of.  I look for diversions from the outrageous policies and behaviors of the Biden Democrats.  I go back to the values and ethics we were taught as children and remember the teachings of my parents, school teachers and parish priests. These values are necessary to remain a civil and harmonious society, where citizens work together and discuss differences with respect not spite.

Perseverance is the ability to keep fighting for what you believe in, but it is best defined
by the virtues of courage, determination, and hope.  By focusing on the qualities of perseverance, we will inspire others to do the same.
Courage is defined as the ability to be brave and stand up for your beliefs in a way others do not have the will to do.  Rosa Parks remained in her seat when asked to give it up for a white passenger, knowing that it was against the law because she was tired of having to give in.  This act eventually ended bus segregation in Montgomery and spurred a national movement to end segregation in public facilities during the 1960s.

Determination is someone who is relentless in achieving a goal and will stick to a task no matter the obstacle.  Prime Minister Winston Churchill was determined to protect his country from invading Nazis during WWII.

Hope is someone who wants something to change or become true and believes that it will happen.

Quoting my favorite historian and classicist,  Victoria Davis Hanson, “If Republicans will advance a coherent national plan of action to restore pre-Biden America, if Trump will focus positively on national issues and not take the bait to obsess on the wrongs done to him and if grassroots conservatives ( that means you and me) this time around prepare to pre-empt massive left-wing vote harvesting, they will achieve their blowout.  But that is a lot of ifs.  Meanwhile, time grows short.=—

With hope and prayer,

Fall officially begins on September 21st, which happens to be the day of our annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Luncheon.  GCRW will again host this event in recognition of our community law enforcement administration and officers including city, county, and state staff.
They, along with our first responders assist our citizens with safety, security, and enforcement.
We hope you will join us in honoring our city, county, and state law officers and advocate for the values and rules they exemplify every day.
GCRW will feature a half-page ad in next week’s paper, keep a lookout.

Please note the GCRW Fall Fundraiser with noted guest speaker, Mr. Tom Homan, former ICE Director during the Trump administration.  There will be surprise guests as well….. share with family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.
See the ad below.