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The Trumpet

Message from the PRESIDENT
Happy 4th of July and Independence Day. It was a fine day for a traditional, hometown parade here in the most charming town in the Hill Country. The Republican Party here in Gillespie County was out and about on that rainy/sunny Sunday. Patriots from near and far showed up to celebrate our great country and its heritage. It was a proud and joyful day where people shared a sense of common purpose and patriotic sentiment, no matter their political differences.
We must stand with goodness, truth, and justice. The responsibility for our future is in our own hands, not those of some self-styled leader. It lies with the US, with the people who govern and serve, in the integrity of legislators and governors, with laws and the judges who interpret them, and in leadership at the top, which seeks to misrepresent, lie and divide us these past six months. We must STAND UP if we want to save our republic for another 245 years. We have to work at it and be directed by truth.


TEXAS Special Session Agenda:
~Bail reform
~Election Integrity
~Border security
~Social media censorship
~Article X Funding
~Family violence prevention
~Youth Sports
~Abortion inducing drugs
~Thirteenth check
~Critical race theory
Details and explanations of each agenda item can be found at ; gov.texas.gov

This 30-day special session begins today and lasts for 30 days. Let’s keep showing our support for reforms that safeguard Texas’ elections. Please call or email your state representatives, we have to finish the job.