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May 1, 2021

Spend and Lie

Mr. Biden took office promising unity and transparency.  Instead, he has sown the seeds of divisions and racial tensions across our country determined on changing our constitutional system of government in favor of his socialist agenda.


Policies ranging from border crisis to COVID stimulus bill, to HR-1 election bill, to infrastructure bill, to Supreme Court-packing, and DC statehood are all in the interest of Party power grab. There doesn’t seem to be an end to Mr. Biden’s insatiable thirst for spending to push for his socialist agenda: paybacks to blue States hidden in stimulus or infrastructure bills, universal minimum income, student loans forgiveness, free healthcare and housing for illegals, and payments across the globe to Palestinians, Paris Accord, and South/Central America.  Meanwhile, shutdown our gas and oil production, close the Keystone pipeline, and lie about an unsubstantiated claim of creating 20 million jobs? Increase the cost of living on everyone, and make us believe that no taxes were to increase on the middle class?

One of the most egregious examples is the border crisis.  Mr. Biden stated desire for a “surge” followed by his commitment to free healthcare, allows thousands of immigrants to pour into our country unchecked. This surge combined with his decision to stop the wall construction, support HR-1, and continuously lie about States’ election integrity legislation, are all his policies to shift the voting block in Dem’s direction without much regard for the constitution, the suffering of immigrants, and the cost to the American taxpayers. The Southern Border is a crisis that Mr. Biden created but shamefully blames Trump for it.  Where is your Vice President who supposedly assigned to lead this crisis?

Mr. Biden’s lies along with his blatant policy of race-gender base are make-believe that 2+2 equals 5 – What a shame!

Mo Saiidi, Chair
Gillespie County Republican Party