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April 28, 2021

The Absurdity of Iran Renegotiations

This administration is conducting some foreign policies that are simply stupid and not in the interest of the American people.  They are driven either because of deep hatred for Trump, or personal interest and relationship in the countries. One prime example of this absurdity is reentering into the so-called Iran Nuclear Deal.

First to understand this scenario is to examine the past policy under Obama.

Mr. Obama conducted this agreement under the auspices of the United Nation resolution because he did not have the vote to pass it in Congress.  As such, it was an executive agreement by a President, not a binding contractual legislation.  For that matter, Iran also did not pass this agreement through their Parliament, because like Mr. Obama, they could not get majority hardliners to pass it.  So, this agreement is nothing more than a handshake by two heads of state.

Mr. Trump, after taking office, canceled that agreement, by executive order and implemented severe sanctions against Iran. The cancellation of the Iran nuclear deal was one step towards the goal of forcing countries in the region towards a peace agreement with Israel.  Toward that goal, Mr. Trump’s administration removed Iran economically to not be a viable sponsor of regional terrorism.  Subsequent to that, he then stopped millions of dollars of aid payments to Palestinians, and other regional countries that received these free funds annually and never cared to enter into a peace negotiation. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump’s special envoy along with State Department Officials conducted behind the scenes diplomatic negotiations for peace agreements.  This effort, eventually, resulted in three peace agreements between the Arab States and Israel, which earned Mr. Trump to be nominated for Noble Peace Prize.  There is no doubt that if Mr. Trump was in office, the domino effect would have brought major influential Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia into the peace process with Israel, and that would have cemented a potentially lasting peace in the region.

Did media and opposition acknowledge this historical achievement or such a genius diplomatic approach – of course not because if they did, it would project their abject failure in all those years when they were in charge?   Now that they are in charge with Mr. Biden, they are bent on dismantling this overall process by opening talks with Iran, spending millions again (Palestinian receiving their handouts once again), and going back to the old ineffective ways. So, let’s reward our enemies for bad behavior so they are enabled to pour into the street shouting “Death To America” and fire up missiles at our installations and ships. What a shortsighted stupid policy!

Mr. Biden does not have a sound coherent policy for the region.  If he were smart, he would look at what worked in the last administration and follow the path for lasting peace.  He is pressured by Russia and China to negotiate with Iran.  This push helps solidify Russia and China’s hold on the Middle East and in the process lifts the sanctions that Iran desperately needs to revive its economy.  What does the U.S.A get out of this? Nothing good is expected for the U.S. except a warm fuzzy feeling that Mr. Biden would look presidential in the international scene. It is no wonder that the Ex secretary of State Mr. Robert Gates under the Obama/Biden Administration, had stated that Mr. Biden had never been right about a single foreign policy for the last 40 years.  And there is no doubt that this time, he will screw it up once again in Iran and other places like China, Russia, North Korea, Syria, Iraq, and so on.

Iran has never stopped calling us their enemy, continues to violate the terms of the last agreement, and never demonstrated their willingness to offer a good-will measure toward the U.S. So, why should we be in a hurry to deal with a bunch of rogue ignorant Ayatollahs who want nothing but to destroy us?  Instead, we need to maintain the sanctions and support the freedom-loving people of Iran who sacrifice every day to have a decent free society.  The regime’s leaders are not to be trusted period and there is no reason for us to pay Iran any attention at this time.

Mo Saiidi, Chair
Gillespie County Republican Party