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April 27, 2021

First 100 days

Mr. Biden and his minions have been working hard pushing for socialist agendas domestically and a weak nonsensical foreign policy. Despite his inauguration speech calling for “Unity”, his actions have created more “Division” and racial tensions in our world.  And that is the biggest achievement of this administration: Dividing us further apart.  Great job, Mr. President.

  • Canceled border wall construction, forced protection for DACA, and invited all immigrants to an open border. Immigrants wearing Biden tee shirts poured into the southern border reacting to his call for “surge” and free healthcare.  After outrage by people, he then backed off waffling “come but not now”.  However, the cat was out of the bag and they kept coming. Once it got out of control, he released them entry into the country with COVID positive, with free housing, food, health, education, and pocket money, and he won’t acknowledge that we have a “Crisis”.  What a disaster he created.  His VP who was assigned the border task is nowhere to be seen – she is practically MIA on the subject.  This administration is hiding its head in the sand; answering to no one, hoping the problem will go away.  The immigration issue has been gripping our nation for the last 40-50 years and now he is sending his VP to one country (Guatemala) to learn the root cause of the problem?  What a farce, even if you wanted to learn this, wouldn’t you first stop the bleeding (close the border) until you learn what your course of action would be?  The truth is that this Administration and Dem party want to have illegals pour into our country to capture their votes and secure Dem political dominance for a long time. Unconstitutional HR-1 if passed, will do just that by not requiring voter ID, but continue to lie about constitutional states’ election laws as “Jim Crow” since they require voter ID.  Another way is to pack the court, and grant statehood to DC and Puerto Rico to secure favorite court outcome and keep the senate majority by adding 4 Dem senators. Damn be the miserable inhumane situation you create across the border, rise in crimes, cost override, enabling human trafficking, and unconstitutionality of your actions. And if that wasn’t enough, go ahead revoke the citizenship requirement from the census and allow the census to be taken of all regardless of immigration so you can tilt the voting demographic blocks towards the Dem party.  Meanwhile, continue to remain muted on your party’s decision to maintain a warlike DC with barbwire and military guards denying citizens direct access to their capital – Now you get the picture?
  • Canceled new energy production and dropped the U.S. from being energy independent – Told miner to perform software coding instead. What bone-headed strategy to force us to rely upon foreign sources of energy at the cost of losing thousands of hard-working American jobs by canceling the Keystone pipeline and yet speaking of creating 20 million jobs – simply not credible.
  • Reentered into Paris Climate control while his green tsar flies around the globe in fuel-burning jets. We will end up paying millions for the other countries polluting the environment. Mr. Biden’s own green tsar, Mr. Kerry, admits that 90% of the polluters are outside the U.S. and even if we go down to zero carbon emission, we don’t make any dent in the world. So, why is he doing this: It is to make him look good on the world stage, pay millions of dollars to his cronies, hold hands, and sing kumbaya.  It is a wonderful world of Disney he lives in.
  • Suspended “Mexico City Policy” which prevented spending federal tax dollars to perform an abortion, while he claims he is Catholic. Allowed men to participate in women sports destroying not only women sports but dividing the American Families along with family values and religious lines
  • Revoked “Buy American, Hire American” policy that placed America first by Mr. Trump. Now, it is water-downed language to make every effort to buy American– what is wrong with wanting American goods and products unless you have sold your soul to foreign countries like China
  • Introducing massive expensive bills that will undoubtedly cause higher taxes and higher prices. Packed $1.9T COVID relief bill with ~90% givebacks to failed blue states and lie about it being COVID relief/stimulus act.  Packed $2-3T infrastructure bill with billions for caregiving and employment leave and childcare, chip making, broadband, batteries, climate change, etc. but when criticized, he shamefully redefined those terms to be infrastructure.  Is there any principle that this administration would not do to enhance its own self-interest?
  • His weak and lack of coherent foreign policy is lending itself to Russia’s excursion into Ukraine, China into Taiwan, and North Korea threatening its neighbors. Our adversaries have noted weakness in Mr. Biden and they will seize the opportunity to extend their sphere of influence.  If this seems familiar, it is by looking back at Obama/Biden Administration.  Russian took over Crimea and portions of Georgia, China seized the disputed South China Sea Islands, N. Korea kept firing missiles, and Iran moved into Iraq and Syria with its terrorist cronies.  All of this was going on under Mr. Biden’s watch, while his President was making apology tours around the world.  We have seen this movie before and it is unfolding before our eyes once again because Biden just like Obama is a weak President that is not taken seriously by our adversaries period.  As stated by Mr. Robert Gate, the former Secretary of State under Obama/Biden, Mr. Biden has been wrong about every foreign policy in the last 40 years.  And this time, he will undoubtedly screw it up again
  • Sided with unions to keep schools closed even though CDC stated they were safe, however, let unions teach illegal children. Well why not, since the teacher’s union poured millions into his campaign – It is time for paybacks even though it is stupid and detrimental to our children’s health and education?

Congratulation Mr. President on your well-deserved 4 Pinocchio award.  Your continuous lies and misinformation to the American people are sowing the seeds of division and hatred amongst us.  You have made us more divided than ever before – what a sick joke on “unity”?  We have watched your first scripted press conference reading from prepared notes with pictures to make sure you don’t have gaffs and missteps.  Your policy is to continue to be invisible answering to no one hoping for problems to go away, forgotten, or until a piece of Dem legislation falls on your desk for your rubber stamp approval. Who is REALLY in charge?

The American people will remember and we will see to it in the 2022 election to put a stop to these shenanigans.

Mo Saiidi, Chair
Gillespie County Republican Party