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April 12, 2021

Absurdity of It All!

It is becoming more evident every day that this administration’s actions are driven by two factors:  hatred for Trump, and Race/Gender.  They make no bones about circumventing the constitution and take a deaf ear to people’s point of view.  They march on hiding their heads in the sand answering no one.

  • Biden’s statement regarding the Constitution (No Amendment is Absolute) should frighten all of us regardless of party affiliation. This indicates that this administration is willing to do whatever it takes to implement its radical left policies. His HR-1 (people election integrity) is unconstitutional as the States have responsibility for that and not the federal government.   This would surely be followed with his court-packing, DC statehood, and then Porto Rico statehood all in the interest of Dem’s power grab. No debate, no discussion, and certainly no opposition because if you raise your opinion, you are labeled “racist”.  In fact, everything this administration is doing is based on raising the “Race” card:  Election reform, infrastructure, border control, healthcare, vaccination, schools, Police, guns, on and on – it is sickening.  If this nation is so racist, then why in world people are risking their lives to get here?
  • Biden and his administration are bet on changing and destroying the American way of life. His staff is picked based on the color of skin and Gender identity rather than qualifications.  They push for cancer culture, gender modification, race theory education, and rewrite American history with a convoluted 1619 narrative.  They have no compunction about it and so obnoxiously push it into our faces.  Frankly, I am not sure even if he is coherent enough to know what he signs or reads and one wonders who runs the country?
  • Biden’s Executive order to set up a commission to study and make recommendations on improving the Supreme Court is purely intended to pack the court. This is just an excuse and a political gimmickry to hide that objective for 6 months. Supreme Court justices Breyer and Ginsburg were against such changes and now they are calling for their favorite liberal justice Breyer to step down. No one is immune from this wrath.
  • Biden’s executive order on gun control is simply a joke and does nothing to address the real issue of gun violence by criminals, and enforcing the existing laws. Instead, his objective is to squeeze the law-abiding citizens of their constitutional rights.  So, he resorts to these nonsensical executive orders while pandering to your liberal-left supporters who want to defund the police.
  • Biden and his minions repeatedly lie about Georgia Election Integrity legislation and liken it to “Jim Crow” or simply calling it racist. They know it is not true, but they continue misleading the American people in the hope of circumventing the State’s election integrity laws in favor of the unconstitutional HR-1 bill. Georgia is not alone and we see the same tactics used in Texas and other States. And shame on MBL and these corporations (Delta Airline, American Airline, Dell and coke, etc.) who have not read a line of the Georgia or Texas election integrity resolutions and raise once again the race card.  Why is it that one has to have an ID to enter airlines, but it is racist for voting?  We are entering an American era where 2 plus 2 is now 5 and if one says otherwise, he/she is, you guessed it, RACIST!
  • Ignore the constitution and opposition views. The proposed HR-1 (Election) is unconstitutional because the Constitution rests election with the States and not Federal Government. The $1.9T package (stimulus) sold as COVID Care Act is loaded with pork for the blue States. The $2-3T infrastructure bill is partially affecting the true infrastructure projects. In reality, it is loaded with payments for childcare, employment leave, and caregiving. For God’s sake don’t insult our intelligence by lying to us, and then try to redefine the meaning of “infrastructure”.
  • Biden seems to have an insatiable thirst for spending without much regard for how to pay for them. Open up the treasury purse for blue States paybacks, non-Infrastructure projects, universal minimum income, student loan forgiveness, free healthcare and housing for illegals, Grants across the globe to Palestinians, Paris Accord, and South/Central America.  Shut down our gas and oil production – we don’t need to be energy-independent. Increase the cost of living on everyone, and make us feels good that no taxes were increased? Who cares if we bankrupt this country as long as they bring the votes to the Party?  Does anyone care about the American people?
  • Meanwhile, let’s ignore our crisis at our southern border costing us billions of dollars with no sound policy. Who cares how much it cost and how we pay for it. The Southern Border is a crisis that Mr. Biden created, but shamefully once again he is resorting to lies by blaming Trump for it. What’s your plan Mr. President and where is your Vice President that presumably, you assigned to lead this.  If you don’t go to bed at night leaving your doors unlocked, then why would you leave the border open? And while you keep the country’s door open to foreigners, you have closed the doors on American Citizens at the Capital with razor barb wires, gates, and military personnel – It is simply shameful
  • Biden’s fervent desire to enter into negotiations with Iran makes no sense at all. He wants to restore the flawed past agreement and we must ask why?  Mr. Biden’s approach is so naïve and ill-conceived that Iran would eventually get the sanctions removed, may accept some water down agreements, and go back to business as usual.  You, on the other hand, pat yourself on the back that you got a “Nuclear” agreement back on track at risk of escalating regional tensions, terrorism, and a game of cat and mouse to continuously watch and report how Iran violates the terms of the agreement – what a waste!
  • Biden’s weak foreign policy will eventually allow China to have full control over Hon Kong, seize Taiwan, and secure the South China Sea Islands. China is also entered into a contract agreement with Iran for 25 years to build and maintain military infrastructure on it southern golf coast.  Russia is massing military personnel and equipment across from Ukraine and plans to destabilize that country to shift it in favor of Russia.  No doubt that North Korea will restart its nuclear program in earnest and begin firing missiles towards Japan and South Korea.  Do all of this sound familiar with what we saw with the Obama administration when Russia took on Georgia, Crimea moved into the Middle East, and China build the south china sea islands and moved its military there in defiance of International oppositions, while he was making his apology tour around the globe!  The belligerent rogue regimes know your weakness and seize the opportunity to advance their interest.

I don’t believe this is what the American People expected of this administration.  The lies and fabrications have replaced the cries for “unity and transparency” they promised.  I am concerned about our beautiful America and I am afraid that we are going down the path of decline burdening next generations with massive debt and higher living expenses.  I cannot wait for the 2022 mid-term election to throw these charlatans out of office, and bring some sanity into our policies.

Mo Saiidi, Chair
Gillespie County Republican Party