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January 16, 2022

2021 Wrap & Hall Of Shame

What happened in 2021, is everything we feared about.  During the year, I wrote several commentaries in the local paper addressing all ranges of issues from unity, Iran, Inflation & higher gas prices, to the fiasco in Afghanistan and southern Border not to mention COVID misinformation.  There are just too many issues that this administration has been unfit to handle.  So, I decided instead of rehashing these (See all the commentaries on the bottom), I’ll summarize the “Hall of Shame” players and allow you to read my year’s report on your time:

  1. Biden & Biden Players – What could be said that is not the subject of a book or books. Here is a man who frankly has lost his mental ability to make rational and independent decisions, thus allowing his staff to run their agenda through him.  He is the supreme liar and with over 40 years of experience at it, it just comes very naturally with him and without any hesitation.  From his message of unity at his inauguration to COVID mask mandate, or driving trucks across the USA, and being arrested in South Africa, to being at Southern border, to not believing in COVID vaccine and vaccine mandate, to blaming everyone else but himself, to the outrageous cowardly act of calling Afghanistan withdrawal a success, to inflation/high prices, on and on.   This guy in his prime time was rejected twice as a presidential candidate and now in his senile years happens to be our president – May God save this nation. He allows millions of illegal immigrants to pour into the country without due process costing Americans billions of dollars in hope of gaining votes for his party.  He allowed his radical left to burn our cities and freed those arrested to do it again for the purpose of ruining the Trump legacy.  He wants to break the filibuster, pack the court, federalize election, and change the entire American culture moving it towards socialism, even though that would certainly destroy our way of life.  Shame on all of you cowards, inept and self-serving people.
  1. Hillary Clinton & DNC – Shame on you Hillary and DNC for concocting and paying for the “Russian Hoax” griping the nation for two years with lies and deceptions. The shame extends to the surrogates like FBI/Comey & McCabe, and intelligence community of Brennen and Culpeper for perpetuating this misery on the American people and against a duly elected President, and all those 4-star generals who lied under oath and resorted to character assassination of the President in Media day in and out and circumventing the commander in chief.  You folks should be prosecuted and face punishments.
  1. Adam Schiff – Shame on you for lying to us in our face in front of TV and media about Russian Hoax trying to adamantly convince us that you had solid evidence about Trump. Shame on you for taking party politics above American interest.  Shame on you for deceiving the American people and not doing the job for which you were elected.
  1. Nancy Pelosi – Shame on you for so childishly and arrogantly tearing the President’s State of Union Address in front of the Nation. What an act of stupidity causing further erosion in our government and creating yet another act into divisiveness we have today.  Shame on you for not reacting and trying to stop the 2021 burning/looting riots dismissing it nonchalantly as “, people do what they do….” Shame on you for colluding with conspirators for Jan 6 Capitol riot and not requesting capitol police and national guards to stop it, when it was offered to you in advance.  You knew what you were doing-shame…shame
  1. Maxine Waters & Kamala Harris, and the Squad – Shame on all of you for inciting violence and preaching to the radical left to take to the street, confront the conservative republicans at any place, harass, burn, loot, and show no regrets or apology to the American people. Shame on all of you for being so hypocrites not standing up for the good of the country and Americans. You don’t deserve to be where you are seemingly representing Americans.
  1. Republican Representatives & Senators who sided with Dems in forcing a nonsensical impeachment on the President. Shame on you for falling to temptations to see your interest and not being smart enough to see through the hoax.  You sold out your constituencies for your personal gain – shame on all of you – You all need to be replaced

Congratulations to all the trophy winners – you have earned it.  We will not give up the fight until all of you are kicked out of politics and replaced with good God-loving conservative patriots to bring this nation back to its greatness.

Mo Saiidi
Chair – Gillespie County Republican Party